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[ Meet Erin ]

Some memories never leave your bones. Like salt in the sea;
they become part of you — and you carry them.
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Hey! My name is Erin...

and I live with my husband, 3 teens + fur baby in Snoqualmie, Wa. I know busy, chaos, hangry, and how the #momfails can pile up. But from this, I have also learned to laugh more, roll with the punches, and if at the end of the day everyone is alive and tucked into bed -- we can make it thru anything.


  • I am always in awe of light + how it can bend and shape our view on things.  So, I get really excited about good lighting... you may see me jumping up & down clapping.  I can't help myself. lol.
  • I laugh loud, am sarcastically goofy + full of heart... we will probably end the session with a hug. If you don't love hugs, high-fives are just as awesome! 
  • I love capturing sessions in a Lifestyle approach.  Connecting, drawing close + feeling all the energy around you, helps brings your story to life.  Making those moments into memories that can last for generations is why I love what I do.
  • Prisms are my way of bringing a little creativity to your session... breaking away from normal. Let's have fun, normal is boring.


Erin Aasland Peace Selfie

I also wanna say... 


I am down to photograph all types, genders + races. I just wanna put that out there as I know my website is only able to showcase those who have recently been photographed, but I am not limited by any means. I just have not had the opportunity yet!  

So, if you are worried about being judged or scared to ask, please do not be!  Message me + let's document your family, wedding, or whatever kind of session you need. 



I am excited to also be a part of Spectrum Inspired, an amazing global community that connects, supports + uplifts individuals of families touched by Autism Spectrum Disorders.

If you are a family needing a session, please visit www.spectruminspired.org to find out more information + apply. You can also request me as a photographer if I am close to your area!