Lady E | Snoqualmie, Wa | Innocents Session

I had the pleasure of shooting a newborn session for Jamie & Kyle.  Their little darling, Emilia, is just beautiful.  She has the longest fingers and legs, yet loved to snuggle up and be swaddled. While she was getting close to falling asleep, she was cracking me up with her "cranky old man" faces.  Just a lot of yawning and stretching while making scrunchy faces.  But man, it was hard for Jamie & I to keep laughter quiet!   

Newborn shoots are lovely in the fact that they take quite a bit of time, so you get to have a great social hour(s) with the parents.  I really loved getting to know Jamie & Kyle.  They compliment each other as a couple so well and are just so endearing as new parents.  Emilia is definitely going to be loved to the moon & back. 

I cannot wait to see Emilia grow.  Just watching her parents interact with her, is priceless.  The way Jamie holds her so dear, it is loving only a mother can give.  And how Kyle talks to her and holds her to his face, Emilia definitely has stolen her daddy's heart.