Free Spirit S | Snoqualmie Children Photographer

I was lucky enough to shoot a Valentine’s Day mini session with this little darling to surprise her momma.  How cute is this gonna be!?  I can tell ya right now, pretty darn cute.  

Love love love shooting little girls in a tulle dress with natural light. There is something so precious about it.  But I didn't have a dress small enough, so I made one using strips of tulle, ribbon, and a few stitches.  Then finished it off with ribbon ties to help aid in keeping it on.  She is a quick one — constant state of movement at this age.  Thinking back, I cannot believe that I survived this stage with the twins.  Thank God for walkers and a big kitchen!   

I had to wait till after Valentine's Day to post any images, as to not spoil the surprise.  But it was well worth the wait.  

Simple backdrop, natural light, and a little darling = <3  Perfect for Valentine's Day surprise. And the best part, receiving a text from the momma about how much she loved them!  Insert big cheesy grin!