Twelves H | Kennedy HS | Snoqualmie Senior Photographer

As this day grew closer, the weather forecast went from clear and sunny 70+ degrees, to full blown cold and windy rainstorms. Not ideal given our location and choice of outfits. But since the rain this time of year tends to come in waves, we decided to brave the storm and see what we were dealt. And luck was definitely on our side! The rain ceased during our entire shoot, thank you God.

Washington Park is such a beautiful place to spend the day. There are so many different gardens and areas to wander through and quiet your mind. If you have not been, it is something worth seeing — especially when spring bloom is in effect.  

Haley is such a genuine gal who laughs whole-heartedly and it is contagious. This is probably the most I have ever laughed on a shoot — it was SO much fun. Her mom Tina and I have been friends for quite some time, and it has been such a blessing getting to know her & her family. It makes it that much more special being able to shoot Haley’s senior session. She is headed off to University of Arizona this fall, and I wish her much happiness and the best on her journey!