Innocent B | Snoqualmie Newborn Photographer

Meet little Bennett. He is absolutely amazing... I heart him so. 14 days new and he is ready to face the world. Bennett is surprisingly very alert for his young age and was determined to stay awake for his session. He made me laugh so much though -- plenty of old man grump faces, and fought falling asleep almost the entire time. I am thankful that he was awake for the images with his parents. He was quick to find me and would look straight into my camera, which almost never happens, making those images so precious.  

Megan & Casey are both such darling parents, and the way they work together just melts my heart. Casey loves being right there -- ready to jump in to help at any moment. And the way Megan holds Ben, gazing at him with such love and patience while stroking his face, it is truly beautiful. Bennett is one lucky little guy. 

Finally, Bennett gave into the zzz's and I got to get some time posing him -- but it was still on his terms! Haha. His favorite position was on his side with his fists by his face, and he definitely didn't to be uncovered or want his diaper removed, at all. So, I simply worked with it! Each little Innocent is different and it's my goal during a session to make sure that each one is cozy, happy, and not stressed in any way. If they are not liking a certain pose, I will not force it. His "nap" was short lived, but I was able to get plenty of images that his parents absolutely loved.

I have known both Megan & Casey since high school, and I am so honored that they chose me to capture this beautiful new chapter in their life story. Congratulations on your sweet Bennett!