Innocent G | Snoqualmie Newborn Photographer

Meet little Gunnarr. Seriously... I love my job.  This handsome little beau is just a snuggly bundle of awesomeness.  5 days new and he decided to pick the day of his shoot to show us his stretching abilities.  Showoff, lol.... and Gunnarr is STRONG!  He wiggled right out of one of my burrito baby wrappings.  We pictured him yelling "Freedom!" as it did it.   

Erik is 6'8'' (maybe taller) so it's no surprise that his son has big hands and feet.  I knew that I wanted to showcase Gunnarr in his daddy's hands for this reason, and I just love how the image turned out.  One of the best things about Innocent Sessions (besides holding these little darlings!) is watching the momma's holding their new little miracles and getting lost in the moment.  It is such a precious thing to witness, and watching Caitlyn with Gunnarr was no exception.  He definitely has a happy place and it is snuggled in her arms... he completely relaxes and I swear he smiles.  After seeing this, I made sure to pose Gunnarr in a cradle pose and capture this moment for them.  Goosies and all the happy feels.  

Being able to capture images for my brother and his family a few weeks ago and now documenting Gunnarr's Innocent Session, has been such an honor.  Im so excited to spend more time with this little viking and watch him grow up. <3