FreeLensing | Creative Shoot

Freelensing | Creative Shoot

Lincoln Rock State Park

Over Labor Day weekend, we were invited to go camping with some friends near Wenatchee.  We had an amazing weekend goofing off and relaxing, and I also got to take a photo walk with a fellow photog.  It felt really refreshing, as I haven't been able to just explore and shoot like that in quite a while.  

My friend showed me something she has been working on, which is called Freelensing.  To do so, you disconnect your lens from your camera body but hold it close (as if you were going to reattach it, but don't).  Then while tilting the lens and finding your focus, you snap an image.  

GOOD LORD, it's so difficult.  The anxiety alone, from possibly dropping  my favorite lens and smashing it to bits, was enough.  Then add in trying to focus the lens in your hand while tilting it.  My stomach was hurting so bad I wanted to vomit, and my hands were freakishly cramping.  lol.

By the end of the trip though, I was starting to get the hang of freelensing and really enjoying it.  I will definitely be practicing this more in the future.  Below is one of my favorite shots from the weekend using this technique.  My focus missed, but I still love how it turned out.  

Enjoy <3