The L Tribe | Rattlesnake Lake | Snoqualmie Family Photographer

Meet the L Family. Erik & Caitlyn wanted to have something special with just Scarlett, before the baby arrives. So one late afternoon, we met up at Rattlesnake Lake to capture some family images. I love this idea, as it documents them as a family one last time before three becomes four.  

This session should be titled, Scarlett Runs... Haha. Almost 2 yrs old, she just wants to go explore and run, run, run. Sessions with these little free spirits are always a little bit of a trick to get them to cooperate. They almost never want to do what you ask, yet they wanna show off for you and be goofy. It always ends up being my favorite parts though, the goofy faces. That is where the personality shows through and it's what you remember as a parent. So at this age, my sessions tend to be fun and silly. We may not get you all lined up and looking at the camera, but you will feel the connection and love. And, most importantly, you will look back and laugh with fond memories.