Twelves Kyla

Twelves | Senior Session

Snoqualmie, Wa

Meet Kyla, a Puget Sound Adventist Academy 2017 Senior.  Kyla has such a caring soul, and she just has this air about here that makes you wanna smile and get to know her.  Her family is very dear to me, as we have gotten to know them over the past few years due to our daughters playing basketball together.  Their love for life and God truly makes them who they are and it shows in everything they do. 

Kyla wanted to have a golden hour session due to the dreamy feeling it gives, and how it makes you reminisce the beautiful summer evenings.  After scouting a bit, I headed home and happened to remember a small park that had a baseball field near it.  Once I drove by it, I knew it would be perfect!  I love how these images turned out, as both the sun-kissed field and wooden building pair so well with Kyla's features -- it really makes her standout and shine.  

When it came time for the softball part of Kyla's shoot, I noticed she had brought two gloves.  One was older and definitely well loved, while the other one was new and matched to her Eastlake jersey.  Kyla and her mom debated which one to use for the shoot.  While Kyla wanted to use her older one,  Christi said the new one would look really cool because it matched her jersey.  I asked Kyla why she wanted to use her older one so badly, and she said it was because it was more special to her -- it was her mom's glove when she played softball.  Queue the tears.  So, we took a few shots with the new glove, but I had to get her looking tough with her mom's old glove.  And I decided to capture a special image for them, one with both their hands holding the glove.  These are the stories get so excited to capture.  

* Since these images were taken, Kyla was offered a spot on the volleyball team for her new school!  This is such a blessing that it worked out and I am so happy for Kyla!  Also, she will still be able to play softball for Eastlake, which is so great that she can finish out her senior year with her team!