The JB Tribe

Tribe | Family Sessions 

Snoqualmie, Wa

Meet the Jones-Bodkin Tribe.  I heart this family so much.  They are goofy, full of energy, but also so full of love.  This week, Kylee and Rick will be getting married, or merged as they call it, and I am so overwhelmed with happiness for them.  I have known Kylee for always, it feels, and seeing her with Rick -- they are a perfect fit.  They just kinda go with the flow of things, and with four kids it's the only way to keep your sanity.  

The first photo featured sums them up pretty perfectly, and it is actually one of my favorite family photos I have taken.  Sometimes smiling and looking at the camera is just too difficult.  So I yelled, make your favorite crazy faces.  Boom, this is them.  All doing their own thing and Kylee smiling so beautifully and relaxed. Rick and Kalina are always doing this together with their tongues out.  Kavara on her own strong and independent, yet showing her goofiness.  Kovey big cheesy laughing and plugging his ears, and Max always trying to ham it up with a goofy face.  

I have only met Max a few times, but he is just hysterical.  When they pulled up to the shoot, he got outta the car and I noticed another car coming down the road.  I asked them all to slide over a bit, just in case, and Max did this diving jump move, after which he wiped the back of his hand over his forehead while saying "Whew!".  He runs up to me and says, "I just saved my whole life".  Kylee and I burst out laughing. <3

Thank you for allowing me to capture your beautiful family Kylee & Ricky.  Congratulations on your merger and I wish you much happiness and love -- you both SO deserve it.