The Lewis Tribe

Tribes | Family Session

Snoqualmie, Wa


The Lewis Family was much fun to capture... goofy and full of smiles -- they were ready from the get-go!  

Julie is also a local photographer and I love her work, as well as being able to have a friend in the same craft!  She decided that this year, she was not going to stress with taking her own family photographs.  And I am so glad that she reached out to me to help take that stress off her shoulders!

Ben is by far the funniest of them all and his smile is so amazing.  We were having such a good time together being silly and capturing his real laugh.  Katie was SO excited that we were taking pictures in this little field -- she had been wanting to since the previous year when her brother had baseball at the near by ball fields.  And Emma was trying to be the typical less impressed and slightly bored tween, but it didn't take long to crack that and we got her laughing and having fun all the same!  They are such a beautiful family. <3

I was asked to hold off journaling about their session, as Julie wanted to use the images for her Christmas cards.  The anticipation to share these has been killing me, haha.  But without further ado, here is their awesome session.  I hope the holidays bring you all much love & happiness!

erinaasland blog tribe l 1.jpg