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Creative Shoot

Ocean Shores, Wa

The Ocean = my happy place.  It's where my soul has always felt refreshed and able to breathe.  I feel so blessed that my tribe also loves this place, as we spent countless hours each day enjoying the simple pleasures of the beach.  

We headed to the coast for a full week away and we all got to laugh, a lot. We hung out at the beach every single day... keeping entertained with flying kites, burying each other in the sand, jumping waves, skim boarding, jumping down sand dunes, and searching for shells.  The water was absolutely freezing, but it didn't stop them from diving in and just having fun.

I wish I could just live at the beach and take pictures by the water all the time.  I love the sound of waves.  I know these are by no means the biggest waves, but still... they were our waves for the week.  So, without further ado, I give you... WAVES.

erinaasland blog waves 16.jpg