Outdoor Sessions in the PNW

Outdoor Sessions
The Pacific Northwest


So many elements, left up to chance. YAY!


Welcome to the PNW, where at any given moment the weather can abruptly change. To be surrounded by such beauty is just a blessing + the vast scenery differences a 30 minute drive can provide is beyond awesome. But with such beauty, comes a portrait photographers nightmare -- or some photogs would think. I, on the other hand, kinda love the weather game. It's what makes our little nook in the US so special!  Honestly, there is nothing you can really do about the weather -- ya get what ya get. So, why spend all the anxiety worrying about it?

Sessions outdoors in the PNW are not as scary as you may think. Shooting rain or shine, it’s all part of life… so why not capture it!


Let go of “perfect”

Humans... such funny beings. We always want everything to be perfect — why is that? And if it's not perfect, then somehow we feel this huge weight of stress that it will somehow affect how others view your life. That kind of thinking to me is just backwards! We need to relax more... go with the flow... enjoy the ride. How we react to situations shape our families. If you go out into the day and you end up getting dumped on by a huge rainstorm — how do you react? Do you freak the F out, exciting chaos amongst your tribe + start yelling? Or do you just laugh + go with the flow, cuz it’s just clothes that can be washed and kinda funny. Does it suck that you totally got rained on, kinda. Is it the end of your world though… shouldn’t be.

When did life turn into all about appearances? And what happened to seeking out + enjoying the experiences? How you react will shape your family. If your kids see you freaking out over a situation, guess what — next time they are anywhere near a situation like that, they will anticipate it and freak the F out. Stop trying to squeeze into some frame of perfect, just because it's what society deems worthy. It is okay to get dirty, to fall down, to get rained on, to experience life differently than the norm.

EAasland Tribe IG14.jpg

Lifestyle Sessions Outside

When looking back thru old family albums, I noticed there was less "line-up smiling" images + more crazy scenes of action, experiences, and laughter. THAT is what you end up remembering about “the old days”. THAT is what you hold onto + laugh about. So, I decided I would start to capture more of THAT.  

My sessions are all about the fun. Lifestyle shooting focuses on interaction + connection, which is what I feel is missing from a lot of sessions. Standing in a line, all smiling + looking at the camera — I call this the “Grandparents Shot”. One of those for every session, to send off to the grandparents, and then it’s fun-time.

We play games, we interact, I tell awful jokes, WE GET DIRTY, and we laugh… a lot. Your kids are going to fall down… it is OK! They want to play with you… they want to run + laugh + jump-hug-attack you. THAT is what is important. And THAT is what I wanna capture for you. Because through all that play, gets images like this…

EAasland S Tribe-25.jpg
EAasland S Tribe-26.jpg
EAasland S Tribe-27.jpg
Family snuggle holding hands


So… if this sounds like you, then hit up my booking page + let’s create some magic.

If you are like “DIRT — HELL NO!” Then I can send you my hugs + refer you to some great studio photographers who can fulfill that image for you.

Just get pictures done people!!