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Get in the Frame Project

Snoqualmie, Wa

This year, I am taking part of a "Get in the Frame" Project.  The goal is for Moms to be present in images, either with their kids or on their own.  This to me is terrifying.  Queue the anxiety.

Being a photographer, I am used to being behind the lens.  It's so my happy place.  On family vacations I usually bring my big camera, and no one dares to hold/use or even touch my baby in horrors of dropping it.  So this leaves me documenting my family with out me.  Occasionally we will get a group selfie on one of our phones, but nothing really to have enlarged and framed.  But I've gotten used to it and didn't think too much of it otherwise.

When a friend referred me to this project, I thought, "Can I really get in front of the lens?".  Lemme tell you, it's awkward as f@$!  Haha.  But slowly, I'm finding my creativity and it is becoming something that's very rewarding.  The group of women that I have joined with this project are so supportive, funny, and uplifting -- it really is a blessing.  

This weeks series was inspired by the movie Ever After.  I have always loved the painting in the end of the movie, which is based off an actual Di Vinci painting.  What captivates me about this painting is how it fades out, making it so dreamy.  Im really happy with how I was able to re-create that effect and softness! (last image)  

I am sharing this weeks series with all of you... and will be sharing more from time to time.  The first image was featured for the month with several other amazing images from our group, and Im so honored.  Please go and check them all out because this group is so crazy talented.  Link :  Dear Photographer 

And also, just love yourself + get in the frame!  It's weird, it's uncomfortable, but you will be so thankful for it in the end.  <3