The Art of Double Exposures

Creative Shoot
Snoqualmie, Wa


From a recently class I am currently enrolled in, we got to learn from an industry leader on double exposures.  SUPER EXCITED.  I have been wanting to nail this technique down for ages + to finally learn how to set them up to execute them.... YES!

Double Exposure ?

So, what is a double exposure?  It is the act or process of combining multiple images into one single image with intent to produce a special effect.  You can do this several ways, both in-camera as well as in Photoshop.  I.m attempting to do them in-camera, to help save on editing time. 

First off, they are kinda tricky!  There is a lot of planning into certain types of double exposures, determining where you want more of the exposures to stand out.  But once you get the idea of how to set them up, it becomes slightly easier.  Our instructor even admitted that he has failed on these several several times, which gives me hope.  HAHA!  

It was a rough start but I decided to keep trying + the following image is one of my favorites.  I would have attempted more, but my model needed a break!  My hope is to get familiar enough with these kinds of images so I can include them in my clients galleries. 

So for now, I leave this one image + will keep on learning. 


Erin Aasland Portrait Photographer Double Exposure red trees