Why I choose to capture Lifestyle Images

Why I choose to capture Lifestyle Images



Over the course of the last year, I have been taking a deeper look at my favorite images and asking the "Why" question.  I wanted to nail down what it is exactly that draws me to certain images.  As well as, which ones clients seem more drawn too.  And consistently the results lean more towards movement, connection + emotion.  And because of this, my shooting style is what's called Lifestyle.

Erin Aasland Snoqualmie Children Photographer dandilions


What is the difference?

Portraiture is only posed images.  Example : "You stand here, you there, put your arms like this, now don't move, and look at the camera, SMILE!"  While this does create beautiful images, for me, it is too stiff.  It is not real. It lacks movement and does not tell your story.  It doesn't make you stand out and showoff what you are all about.  

Lifestyle is more in the moment, encouraging movement + play... capturing all the interactions as they unfold.  This to me is real, and goofy, and creates a lot of laughter.  I love laughing.  Not only that, these type of interactions are what we remember when looking back on our childhood!  Remember back to when you use to play around with your mom, or siblings, or dad... wouldn't it be amazing to have images of that interaction. You could then have something show your children what it was truly like for you to be little.  How precious would that be.

I want to be able to document that for you. 

Erin Aasland Snoqualmie Family Photographer Park sisters playing


My Style

I know that photoshoots can be stressful... believe me, I hate stress too.  But Lifestyle sessions are so much fun that you easily forget any stress or anxiety that you had, because you do not have to worry about trying to get everyone lined up perfectly and smiling at the camera!  

I do have several little games we can play to get things rolling, but after that there is usually no need for any guidance.  It all just becomes second nature and we capture the laughter, the love, and the connection.  Before you know it, the session will be over!  Yay!  Everyone hug + go get an ice cream!  

Erin Aasland Snoqualmie Children Photographer blanket sisters hug

I hope to see you for a session soon.  Let's capture the real.