Heinz + Nancy

Generations | Grandparents Session
North Bend, Wa

When I captured Brielle's Innocent session, Mercedes booked a mini session for her parents, Heinz + Nancy, as a surprise. And, goodness... it was one of the best surprises ever.

Mercedes arranged to go over to her parents house + told them to dress nice as they would all go on an outing as a family.  When I arrived, I made sure that Mercedes + Dusty were already there before I approached the house. All was good. So I headed up the stairs of this beautiful house on the river + rang the doorbell. Heinz opened the door, looking a bit surprised, as he should be.  So I introduced myself + told him that I was here for a session.  Even more confused, he looked over to Nancy, who was now coming towards the door.  When she saw me, she burst into tears.  Nancy was at Brielle's Innocent session, so she knew who I was.  I said hello to Nancy + that it was great to see her again.  Nancy turned to Mercedes + Dusty.  Queue more tears + lots of hugging.

Heinz invited me into his home + immediately took me into their front room, where there were two vintage photographs framed + sitting on the mantle.  He began to tell me the story of how he just returned from Germany + was able to bring with him these old photographs of his ancestors. He asked if we could get some images taken with his ancestors in the background. I began to tear up, this is exactly why I love taking images. This first image means so much... Heinz + Nancy with their granddaughter Brielle, on the mantle is her 8th generation ancestors. All the goosies.


I will never forget this session... this family holds family so dear to their hearts. I am beyond grateful to be able to capture this wild adventure for Mercedes + her family.

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