Innocent Magdalyn

Lifestyle Newborn
Graham, Washington


This little human is such a gorgeous soul! I always find it so funny that at even such a young age, how intensely our personalities shine through. The way that Magdalyn looks at Caitlyn + Erik is that of pure joy. It is amazing. Older sissy Scarlett is beaming with pride that she has a little sister to take care of — she spent most of the session telling me how much she was going to teach her + protect her. And the gentle way she holds her face… ahhhh, all the feels! Little brother Gunnarr just wanted to lovingly squish Mags cuz he was too excited to see her. This family is so full of love + it has been so beautiful to capture them as they grow!

In-home lifestyle sessions are my favorite because families are most comfortable in their own surroundings. Everything is at their fingertips… there is no need to worry about packing and forgetting diapers, or bottles, or favorite stuffies + blankies. Their master bedroom had beautiful light filtering by the window, so we just pulled in close + let that light surround us in warmth. We even persuaded Gunnar to get in a few — man that little guy is quick! But he was all there when it was time to hold baby Mags with sissy Scarlett.