Innocent Atreyu

Newborn Session
Issaquah, Washington


Yep… this little sweet babe is named Atreyu + he is absolutely gorgeous. Baby snuggles tug at my heart… I love capturing these sessions so much. Surrounded in beautiful light, showcasing all this newfound love + overly goofy parent smiles… it’s total magic.

Stefanie + Jeremy are seriously one of the cutest couples I know and now that they are parents, which makes the cute factor like times a million. Not kidding — just watching them hold Atreyu, I was pretty awestruck. Such a beautiful sight to see. And Atreyu was quite hungry during his session, as can be imagined! But it allowed us to get some darling images of Stef nursing her son… those we kept private just for her!

The nursery had this creamy light filtering through, which really adds to the dreaminess of the images giving them this “film look” that I absolutely love. I will have to experiment more with light this spring to see what I can use to replicate.

I am really excited to document the journey of Atreyu’s first year + watch him grow! Stay tuned for more sessions from this little babe, the milestones are going to be so much fun!