Innocents D + L

Twin Newborn Session
Marysville, Wa


Dylan + Logan are so damn cute!!  They are not identical twins, but seriously could be. It was really hard to tell them part during their newborn session + being a mom of twins, I kinda know what to look for in features to help tell them apart. But all I can say is, thank God Dylan scratched his cheek after his individuals!  Rebecca + I were like, waiiiiiit, did we already photograph this baby?? LOL.

Rebecca's mom + sister came up the night before to help tag team the babies so that Becca + Keith could get some much needed sleep. Both boys have Reflux so it makes it hard to get a good schedule down. My son had Reflux too, so I totally feel for them. Rebecca's family were a great help during the shoot as well -- if one little guy needed to be changed/fed/burped/cleaned up, then we were able to hand him off + photograph the other in the meantime.

These little fellas are just precious + I am so thankful to be able to capture these images for this family. When we posed Dylan + Logan together, they would snuggle right into each other, like puzzle pieces. Being at this session brought back so many memories of my twins when they were this little. Take in every moment, it goes by so fast.

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