Kindred Stefanie

Maternity Session
Issaquah, Wa


I absolutely love being around Jeremy + Stefanie... they are so goofy, down to earth, and FULL of love for each other. Oh, and extra bonus... they love baseball as much as my family does!  Whoop whoop!!

The PNW rain let up just enough so we were able to walk on a trail near their home in Issaquah. And thankfully, we did not need to venture far to find a beautiful spot by the river. Stefanie's poor feet had begun swelling a lot recently, making it a little harder to get around. Ahhh, the joys of pregnancy, lol. Luckily, her little babe would soon be born, so she will not have to endure it much longer! 

It always sounds super cheesy saying it, but Stefanie is just glowing. And watching Jeremy talking to and hold her belly, was pretty much the sweetest thing. I really love seeing when a spouse gets all goofy cute about their baby. Watching their reactions as the babe began pushing back, is priceless.

I cannot wait to capture their newborn session! 


"A great adventure is about to begin."