Jude + Bath Time

Yearling Sessions
North Bend, Wa


Being able to document Jude from when he was in his momma's belly to now being one year old, is so amazing. I cannot believe that a year has already come + gone! 

Meghan + John wanted to do something special to capture Jude's first year, so Meghan asked if we could document bath time. Duuuuude... how frigging cute, of course! She wanted to focus on all that he is right now + this was a perfect way to do that. 1 year olds tend to wanna move + run like crazy for their sessions, so this kept him active in one spot allowing me to capture it all.  

We went to her good friend's house, who had the most beautiful kitchen sink + natural light. All the happy clapping + jumping (see my bio!). The window light in this kitchen creates such perfect shadows + depth to each image. The light also centers + wraps them all in this perfect spot, highlighting all the little intimate moments of bath time.

Jude loves to hold q-tips + we did have to bribe him with his favorite snake bites, but it is great to capture as it shows his personality + likes at this time. Also, his after bath lotion is probably his favorite thing ever. Meghan always gives him a bit to squeeze in his hands while she lathers him up... too adorable. 

Not all 1 year old sessions need to be cake smashes!  Celebrate something that you love doing with your little. Maybe something you are gonna easily forget + wanna capture so you can look back on a certain time with fond memories.  

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