The Blue House

Creative  Shoot
Manzanita Cottages, Oregon


I attended an amazing workshop this last fall, with some truly beautiful souls.  The Let's Go Workshop was pretty much the best investment I made in 2017, and that is saying a lot because I got a new camera body + lens.  Rarely does anything top getting new gear.  But this workshop was very soul searching for me + exactly what I was looking for in both learning + connecting with fellow creatives.  

One of the sessions, by the crazy talented Jacob Loafman, encouraged us all to think outside of the box -- to just play + have fun.  Our model Kasse was frigging amazing, especially with all the weird shit we were having her do!!  It was by far the most challenging session I have done.  But — I appreciate this kind of learning because in a world where everything wants to be overly pretty. This was unexpected + weird + amazing + awkward + so creative. Going into a sweet little cottage by the beach (The Houses on Manzanita Beach) Jacob gave us a breakdown of the rules : “it has to be weird + you cannot show her full face”. So here is my story…

There once was a girl, who lived in a cottage by the sea + she was very very blue...

EAasland LG Loafy-5.jpg
EAasland LG Loafy10-9.jpg
EAasland LG Loafy-2.jpg
EAasland LG Loafy-6.jpg
EAasland LG Loafy-9.jpg
EAasland LG Loafy-4.jpg
EAasland LG Loafy-3.jpg

Sometimes it is fun to break away from the norm + shoot for the sake of creating.  Thank you to Jacob + the rest of the Let's Go crew for being a much needed creative light to my soul.  The feeling of acceptance + camaraderie was overwhelmingly beautiful.  And... the karaoke was pretty damn rad.  I will always cherish it always.