Mike + Liki

Barn on Jackson, Chehalis, Wa


This wedding was beyond an honor for me to capture because Liki was the flower girl in my wedding + her mother was my maid-of-honor. 20 years ago they helped me walk down the aisle + this summer I was able to help them celebrate. All the feels… my soul is exploding. 

The Barn on Jackson is a beautiful place to get married. The grounds are vast, with several spots to sneak away too, surrounded with flowers, and the barn has that perfect vintage feel to it. In typical PNW fashion, the weather gave us quite a handful of options to choose from! Ranging from full sun, to heavily overcast, thunderstorms, a monsoon, and then right back to full sun. Which, was absolutely fitting as Liki’s name holds the meaning of a rainbow that you see after a storm.

Liki wanted to have a “First Look” for Mike, to help calm his nerves before the ceremony, and it was really such a great idea. Of course started to downpour as we were walking out to the spot to meet Mike, but I love that they were both down for the rain. I had a few family members help us walk out, holding Liki’s dress + umbrellas. Once we were settled I sent them back to help finalize things for the wedding as I knew how much Liki wanted this just for them. These images of their “First Look” are so sweet + endearing — it made Mike feel so relaxed seeing his bride in such a special moment just for them.

Liki’s vintage beaded lace wedding dress was a killer find at a local second hand shop, and her lace veil had been handed down by a few generations. Mike had little black skull cuff links, which showed a little flare for his personality, along with the crazy socks + personalized flasks.

The rest of the wedding went by in a whirlwind of laughter, love + family celebrations that could make anyone feel like family — they are truly amazing people with beautiful souls. I will cherish being a part of this wedding forever.

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"She is the thing that keeps me going everyday. She makes me feel needed and important. She keeps me grounded, and from going crazy from other things I have going on each day."


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"I love everything about Mike. He's intelligent, generous and he takes charge of everything. I even love how angry he gets sometimes because it shows me how deeply he feels. I love that he calms me down when I feel like a mess. I love that he makes me want to be a better person and feel like I can do anything. I love that we are we are almost complete opposites and that it only makes us better."

— Liki

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