Twelves Liz

Senior Session
Point Defiance Park, Tacoma, Wa



It was such a joy to connect with Mary for her daughter's Senior Session!  Liz is the last to head off to college, making it all the more emotional for her parents -- especially for mom.  When we started the session, I could tell it was already going to get emotional.  And I was so glad that Jeff had joined his family for the session.  So I had Jeff + Mary go for a walk around the park while we started.  We lucked out because it ended up be an absolutely gorgeous day to have a session.  NO rain, the sun was near setting + the Rose Garden was crazy in bloom.  We were not expecting all the flowers to still be in bloom at all!  It truly felt like we were Alice in Wonderland... wandering through the Red Queen's gardens.  "Do you suppose she is a wildflower?"  The fragrance alone was beautiflly intoxicating.  Along the grounds are name plates of the flowers, especially the roses, which I am thankful for because I have found my new favorite rose : The Julia Child.  If you have not stopped by this gem, please do so... it is quite magical when everything is in bloom!  

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This deer kept wandering through the park + as our session came to an end, we looked over + saw it grazing by this huge maple tree.  We ran, then snuck up to the trunk of the tree to grab an image of it in the background.  Liz is such a kind soul + she has this beautiful light about her.  I really love how the innocence plays in this image, the deer + her with a simple pose.  <3


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