Kindred Jamie

Maternity Session
Rattlesnake Lake, Seattle


Jamie is one of my favorite humans to photograph, because she always arrives at our sessions saying “I trust your vision, where do you want me”. It is seriously the best feeling to be able to create with no expectations. So — if you arrive at our session + say this to me, I MAY just hug you to death. Ok, not to “death”, but pretty close!

We had talked about doing a water session a few times now + thankfully it worked out this time as the weather was just perfect for getting in the lake. For her first outfit, we ordered a lovely blue flowing skirt off Amazon (gotta love that Prime!) and paired it with a The Bee and the Fox tee that Jamie already had. And goodness, these are the softest tee’s! I actually ended up ordering my own after the session, lol. But it is so important to love your outfits + feel really comfortable in what you are wearing. This frees up that worry of possible slippage, things poking or digging into you, and the anxiety of “are you sure this looks ok?”. I also love the colors we choose — it coordinated with the colors of our surroundings at the lake + mountains.

Her second outfit was a white linen dress that was simply yet stunning on her, especially for the water shots! Floating while pregnant is something that takes a bit to get used too, but she pulled it off like a boss. This whole shoot is so dreamy… I cannot wait to photograph more pregnant babes like this!