Ross + Christa

Engagement Session
Rattlesnake Lake, Wa


Meeting Ross + Christa at the lake, the PNW winter weather was in true form. But that didn't stop these two. Between the rain, the wind + the freezing cold temperatures -- it didn't matter. Their souls were on fire + you could see it in their eyes.

They grew up in the smallest town, where everyone knows everyone, but apparently not them. "It’s not everyday you stumble across a new face -- a beautiful one anyways."  They fell in love at 16 + who would’ve known that they would be still together at 21, engaged. But when loving each other comes so easy + so natural, it’s all you want to do.

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"I couldn’t imagine my life without such a wonderful women. Her heart is filled with the purest kind of love, I’m the luckiest man in the world God gave me you."



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"I could never describe my love for Ross, but I tell you his personality can bring happiness and comfort to a room like you wouldn’t believe. When I’m with him, I still can’t help to get lost in his beautiful eyes, and laugh like we are just kids. He’s my better half and my best friend."


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