Ryan + Raynie

Port Angeles, Washington

Erin Aasland Elopement Port Angeles Bride on rock with veil blowing

Ryan + Raynie met in high school during a scary movie night. Raynie does not do so well with scary movies, so her friends all got together and planned the seating arrangement ahead of time. When a scary part of the movie appeared, Raynie grabbed the hand (a.k.a whole body) of the person who was sitting next to her, which happened to be Ryan. She didn’t know him at the time, but that ended up turning into more group movie nights, then prom, and eventually he asked her to be his girlfriend after graduation.

Salt Creek was a perfect location for them to celebrate their love + we had such an amazing time on the beach.  The day was full of stormy weather, yet during our time there we caught only light rain here + there, but they could have cared less. They are both wrapping up school, with the craziest of schedules, so to be able to spend the day at the beach like this was a perfect special escape. 

At one point, I asked them to hold hands and run away from me out towards the water. Raynie's face was so sweet -- "Run... like full blown run, in this dress?". YES. With a smile, off they went. After I caught up to them, her laughter was contagious and she asked, "Can we do that again!". ALWAYS.

When Raynie + Ryan look at each-other, their souls shine so much brighter. They have such a beautiful love full of respect, kindness + passion. 


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"Raynie has always accepted me for who I am… she allows me to be a man and a boyfriend. It does not matter if I look like a bum that day or if I’m wearing my grey pants and blue button up shirt she love me in, Raynie cares for me the same. What I love most about her is how she is overwhelmingly considerate, compassionate, and empathetic to those lucky enough to cross her path."  

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"What I love most about Ryan is his heart. It’s full of compassion, care, kindness, silliness, honesty, respect, and love for the Lord. He makes me feel like Sunshine on a Sunday, and the most beautiful girl in the world. I thank God every day for him and am so blessed to have him in my life." —Raynie

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-- when your client is a dancer + you ask her to jump in a heavy wet wedding gown. STUNNING!

-- when your client is a dancer + you ask her to jump in a heavy wet wedding gown. STUNNING!


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