Jeff + Sheila

Intimate Wedding
Palisades, Seattle, Wa


Palisades is a beautiful restaurant on the waterfront in Seattle, right next to a marina. Jeff + Sheila chose this as the setting for their intimate wedding reception because it has become a very special spot to them over the years. It was an absolutely gorgeous summer day and a perfect spot for them to celebrate. Check out the view of Mt Rainier through the marina on the last image!

Sheila wore a stunning blue + white lace dress, with diamond + rose accent jewelry. I loved seeing her eyes sparkle with pure happiness when she looked at Jeff. We snuck away for a bit so they could have a quiet moment together and share a first dance. It was quite darling watching them laugh + hold each other — showing that no matter your age, it is just a number and your wedding day is something that makes you feel young + carefree.

I am so happy that Sheila found Jeff to be by her side. Seeing these families come together + have so much joy, was truly heart warming.


“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."