Lei + Stogey

Lake Shelton, Washington


Sounleip + Astagfarr got married on the dock of a cozy little house overlooking Lost Lake near Shelton, Washington. The road there was long + windy, yet it was beautifully peaceful as you drive thru all the old growth trees. One could drive right by the turn off for the road to the houses on Lost Lake, which is kinda perfect. It’s a quaint community tucked away from everything. Driving in, I knew we had to come back out to the main road for pictures because it was a typical winter day in the PNW where Mother Nature couldn’t really decide on what she wanted to give us. It was stormy in the distance, yet clear and sunny, with a layer of fog covering the trees. So many feelings, so stunning.

The hustle was REAL when I entered the house, but I was also greeted with such love, and you could tell immediately that the two souls getting married were meant to be. All the ladies of the house were in the bedroom with Sounleip “Lei” just watching (with anticipation) as she got her hair + makeup done. And when she put her dress on, everyones hands went to their faces, to cover their mouths with awe or to wipe away handfuls of tears — or both. It was an overwhelming moment, and I even had a few tears escape.

Astagfarr “Stogey” was out on the deck with his fellas, just trying to breathe. He is quite shy, which I loved, and you could see the complexity of happy emotions + anxiety simmering inside. We goofed a bit on the deck while I took a few images of him in his suit before getting him into place for their first look. Walking to the spot, he was full of so many deep breaths, but then began to smile bigger — I knew he was ready. Lei quietly arrived and made her way over to Stogey… and the rest, as they say, became a beautiful love story.


“I love that he’s everything I never knew I wanted...”

— Sounleip


“She is my best friend, most caring mother and wife, always makes me happy. She's always down for my adventures. We have all the same hobbies, she's outgoing and adventurous, and that's why I love her.”

— Astagfarr