Tribe Adams

Family Session
Snoqualmie, Washington


Meet the “Blue Steel” twins. Seriously, dying over the fact that both Dylan + Logan (who are not identical!) are so on point together with their stare. Not gonna lie, it was a little intimidating for a bit there. I mean, they were pretty much staring into my soul. for like 10 minutes, not smiling… barely blinking… lol!

Snoqualmie did not disappoint with the beautiful views of Mt Si and even though this park was kinda busy, we rocked it. This was my first year offering mini-sessions last fall + I loved it. Not only was it great for trying to plan around the crazy fall weather, as the sessions were only 20 minutes, but it allowed families to get some updated images for holiday cards + as well as gifts for other family members! Win/Win. Definitely will be offering them again this year + possibly renting a studio so we don’t have to be so worried about the weather.

The Adams are so great every time I see them, and I love Lila’s world. She told me all about her friends at daycare + who was causing drama that she “just can’t deal with anymore”, as well as her best friends Emi + Nellie. It was a non-stop gab fest on our walk from the car to our shoot spot, and I was in stitches. Lila is fierce + sweet + so honest. I adore her.

The twins couldn’t really sit up on their own yet, and they were not feeling being set down away from Becca and Keith… queue the image of Lila smiling + the boys starting to lose it. Having an older child + younger twins myself, I get it + there is really no getting around forcing them to do anything — one starts to cry and the other feels that “twin bond” and begins crying too. Keeping away from that chaos, I got some images of Lia + love when she told me how old she was with her fingers. She first tried getting away with telling me she was six, but mom cut that off and the realization that she was only four is quite intense, lol.

Next time I capture these humans, it will be a whole different ball game… cannot wait to see how they have grown!