Twelves Peyton

Senior Session
West Seattle, Wa


I have known Crystal + Peyton for quite some time, but it has been way too long since I have seen them! However, it always feels like not really much time has passed at all. I just love Crystal's sense of humor... she is so much fun to be around, like the cool big sister. And when she was little, Peyton was always at her mom's side + could not wait to be a grown-up. When I look at her, I can still see that goofy beautiful little girl who was always smiling + joking around. 

Being able to shoot Peyton's Senior session was so heartwarming. She has grown into such a strong woman + Crystal is so proud of her. We got to shoot her session in West Seattle right on the water + it was perfect. Couldn't have asked for a better PNW fall day by the water! Peyton's dad + stepmom joined in on the day too, which I love because I can then get a few images of the senior with their parents. Great little keepsake!

In the last image, we recreated a shot from when Crystal was a senior! Peyton noticed in one of her mom's senior images that her mom was wearing a stripped shirt almost identical to one she had in her closet! She thought it would pretty cool to recreate one of her images to look like her mom's image.We didn't have any of the 80's neon elements in the background, but the living room had such beautiful light + the green couch was perfect for the pose. Such a rad request from a senior!!

EAasland Twelves P-1.jpg
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