Marcell + Courtney

Couples Session
Manzanita, Oregon


Marcell + Courtney got to celebrate their love at the Oregon coast on a beach in Manzanita right at sunset… and I’m talking about like 20 minutes before the sun went down. The rad thing about the timing for this session is that we got to have that intense beach sunset glow which faded into the softest pastel colored skies, then went right into that lovely moment where the light reflects off the water + sky + everything is just dreamy. It is honestly amazing how the simple aspect of “light” can affect everything we see. Just 20 minutes between these three settings + you have the coolest difference in details. The sky, the sand, the shadows + light… everything changes and takes on a new perspective. Gah — I love my job!

Courtney wore the most stunning Claire Lafaye black tulle + lace dress that I have ever seen. It had these a see-through, in all the right places, floral lace bodice with light, long flowing layers of draping tulle. So, when she took off running, she could gather the longer layers of black tulle quite easily. Marcell coordinated with black slacks + a ribbed charcole turtleneck and his Levi’s corduroy jacket. I love how the contrasting fabrics paired so well together — definitely fit both their personalities to a T.

The tall beach grass was a perfect spot to capture that golden sunset, so we started the session there. And lemme tell you… their love made the sun feel 1000x brighter. They radiate when they are together. We then ran down towards the water + it fills my soul with such happiness to see Marcell pulling + leading Courtney, who is jumping around like a kid seeing Disneyland for the first time. Cuteness factor overload… Yessssss! The light was so pure + even, highlighting their laughter + smiles. And as the sun dipped below the horizon, we got to see the blue sky + cool colors of the coast, which encouraged closer snuggles to stay warm.

If this session doesn’t make you smile while looking through it… I don’t know what will!


“The best thing about Marcell is he exudes joy beyond anything I’ve ever known. He IS joy.”

— Courtney

“Her heart is so pure and her mind is always thinking. I am always learning and growing with and from her. She is the best thing I have ever known.”

— Marcell


Let’s go on an adventure + capture it all!