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Mike + liki

“Capturing love is my jam...

with bread + butter. Candid + initmate moments, focusing on all the love, connection + laughter is how I roll.”

I am here for YOU — to discuss details with, to meet in-person to calm your nerves + go over details (beer is great for this!), to ask advice on timelines, to help with making sure your family shot list is ready… deep breath. I’ve got you.

And I always arrive at least 30 minutes early to the venue to make sure I am aware of everything. I walk the grounds, check in with the planner to see out how things are set-up + see if there are any timeline changes, scope out the venue for the best light + rad spots to sneak you away too for even radder photos, THEN I check-in with you + have a pow-wow. We talk + laugh, high-five and possibly hug, all while I fill you in on what to expect to help ease your mind. All this is a bonus… it happens before I even “start the clock” on your wedding day coverage. This is a pretty important day + having a good starting point seems to help set things in the right direction.




"You are made up of…

that which makes my soul crave a life beside you.”


Marcell + Courtney

Lei + Stogey

Ryan + Raynie


Mike + Liki

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willie + kelsey





“Just Perfect! 

OH — All of the tears, these are absolutely beautiful!  What perfect memories created!  Erin thank you sooooo much for everything, all your hand holding, all of your hard work, your level head, the long drive to the barn, and your sweet eye to capture these moments :)”

— Liki + Mike


“Amazing, Talented, Fun, Free Spirited! 

Erin is AMAZING! I am awh with every photo that she captured on our special day! I seriously can’t stop looking through all of our photos. Erin, was so easy to work with, professional, so fun, & was our rock that day! Since the first day, I emailed her for services, til the day we met she’s so fast with responding, communication , & held me together when my nerves were kicking in. Literally BEST DECISION ever booking with Erin! I can’t THANK YOU enough!!!”

— Lei + Stogey

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Couples — $500
Elopements — $1500
Weddings — $2000

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Questions + Answers


+ Do you ever meet with couples before booking their wedding?


We can discuss details over email, via phone or FaceTime, or definitely meet in-person to chat. I have found, however, that people are crazy busy and trying to find a time that works for everyone is near impossible. So, it always seems to be easier to just get on the phone, or FaceTime / Skype (if you wanna be face-to-face), that way we can discuss your wedding needs asap!

BUT — if you wanna meet before hand, I am totally down! Send me availability and we can meet somewhere close to the Eastside (WA) for coffee or a beer!


+ Do you shoot LGBTQ2SIA+ weddings?


HECK YES! Any time + any place, I am totally down to capture your love story!


+ Do we receive the RAW files with our gallery?


They are not what your final image resembles, each RAW itself is a huge file taking up a ton of storage, and you need an extensive knowledge of the editing platform to just be able to even view it! For these reasons, I do not deliver RAW files.

There is no need for them to be delivered, as the final images in your gallery are why you are even here looking at my work. The full-resolution jpegs are perfect enough for your all your needs!


+ How many photos do you deliver in a wedding gallery?


At minimum, you will receive 50 images per hour. I am there to help tell the story of your wedding + love, and I make sure that all images delivered are based in my shooting style — vs just being super trigger happy and delivering a bunch of “filler” images. The images are thought out, meaning there is a reason I am taking them — the light, the shadows, the subtle looks, smiles + touch — this all helps to ensure that what is delivered to your final gallery is something that you will cherish.


+ Do you travel for weddings + elopements?


I love to travel — Yes! Anything outside a 50 mile radius of 98065 will have a travel fee for driving or an accommodation fee for any airfare/hotel needs.


+ We are awkward as F* when getting photos taken, is that ok?


Totally. “What do I do with my hands???” — I hear this a lot. But don’t stress at all. I have a ton of prompts + little games for you guys to play that help break the ice, get everyone laughing and having a good time. Or… just stand there being awkward as f* and I will make you look awesome anyways. Either way, I got you!


+ Do you help with wedding day timelines?


Yes — I have sample timelines available if needed! I am happy to help make sure that we have enough time planned for all the necessary photographs. Less stress = more smiles!


+ How do you handle venues you have not shot at before?


I love shooting in new places! I typically arrive 30 minutes early to walk the grounds of the venue and scope out what will work for us given the light + weather that we have that day! This usually takes about 15 mins and then I have 15 minutes to pow-wow with you about a plan of attack, before I begin shooting. We got this yo!


+ What is required for booking?


Only two things. (1) A $500 non-refundable booking retainer must be paid in order to reserve your wedding date. This claims time on the calendar for your wedding + allows no one else to book that day. (2) The wedding contract must be completed + signed by both you + your partner. This is super easy to do as it is all online. Once those two things are done, you are on the books baby!


+ How do we move forward + book with you!?


Wedding day coverage is tailored to each couple, that way you are getting exactly what you need for your big day. Not everyone fits into the same wedding day coverage package. So, when couples inquire, I like to send you a proposal with a few options based on our conversation of your needs. All you have to do is select the option you want + we can begin the booking process. It’s that simple — which is my main goal. Less stress = more smiles.

Hit up the “Let’s do this” button listed right below this thread + fill out all your details on the booking form. Submit that baby + I will get back to you within 24 hours!



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Couples $500 | Elopements $1500 | Weddings $2000