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Hey I'm Erin!


I am tall, which some people find intimidating, but my soul is kind, goofy, and rooted in passion for this rad thing called photography.

Sessions are full of laughter, connection + real genuine moments, true to you. We will laugh, possibly happy-cry, more than likely get dirty, and definitely capture some beautiful images in between.

Draw closer + feel every emotion that has brought you together. Let’s go on an adventure + capture it all.



Erin Aasland Capitol Hill Wedding Seattle
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Erin Aasland Fatherhood Studio Session Seattle
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Erin Aasland Motherhood Seattle Lifestyle Photographer
Erin Aasland Utah Lifestyle Family
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kindness + community

we are all on this great big globe together.

love = love

I support all types, genders + races, and LGBTQ2SIA+ couples/partners. We are all humans. And if you do not like this statement, too bad.

I know my website is only able to showcase those who have recently been photographed, but I am not limiting or being selective. I just have not had the opportunity yet!  So, if you are worried about being judged or scared to ask, please do not be! There is no judgement here + I would LOVE to help you.

Message me + let's document your life!


I am here to help rad humans document their life adventures. Whatever your story may be, I am here for you.

It is simple… if you like my style of photography, whoo hoo — let’s do this!

If you don’t, seriously no worries. I will send you off with a virutal hug + hope you find someone awesome — heck ask me if you need + I can refer some great photographers. The most important thing is you find someone to help capture your life!



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 wild + beautiful adventures…

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