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Hey there!


I’m Erin, an intimate wedding + portrait photographer out of Snoqualmie, Wa. I have 3 amazon teens, who are obsessed with sports + a hubs who is my bff, while the fur babies snuggle at our feet. We know busy, manage chaos, are constantly hangry, give huge bear hugs, dance in the kitchen, + laugh a lot while exploring this rollercoaster called life.


A bit about me...

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light seeker

Light is one of the most beautiful things... I am constantly in awe as it can create such dramatic amazing shadows. I get really excited about good lighting. You may see me jumping up + down clapping — I cannot help myself! And please feel free to join in with me, then I won’t feel like such a nerd.

fueled by coffee + Kindness

I usually will have The Office or Parks + Rec on in one room while music is playing in another. Slight obsession with trees, especially willows. Cupcakes, bacon + street tacos are life. The coast is my happy place, but I also crave the mountains + those greens. My teen athletes are my heroes, their passion is so inspiring. Even though I am quite sarcastic, I can always find the silver lining. 

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Kinda hippie + kinda hood

I am tall, laugh really loud + give the best hugs.  If you are not into hugs, you probably will be by the end of the session! Spending my youth in Oakland, made me realize how important it is to stand up for yourself, as well as family/friends — your tribe is so important.

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Love = Love

I am down to photograph all types, genders + races. I just wanna put that out there as I know my website is only able to showcase those who have recently been photographed, but I am not limited by any means. I just have not had the opportunity yet!  

So, if you are worried about being judged or scared to ask, please do not be! Message me + let's document your life + love adventures! 

Spectrum Inspired

I am excited to also be a part of "Spectrum Inspired", an amazing global community that connects, supports + uplifts individuals of families touched by Autism Spectrum Disorders.

If you are a family needing a session, please the link below to find out more information + apply. You can also request me as a photographer if I am close to your area!