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always a wild adventure

During your session, you do not need to worry. I have plenty of games + prompts that help you relax + have fun. Lifestyle shooting allows the focus to be all about connection + movement. So, I may set you up in a pose to get started, but I let it evolve + flow from there -- capturing all the details in between. I find that it is these in-between moments that really help to show the uniqueness of your life + create images that you will treasure.

Complimentary with every session

Access to my Online Wardrobe Stylist! Eliminate the stress of having to coordinate outfits + feel beautiful during your session. I can provide you with outfit inspiration, as well as links on where to purchase, all from the comfort of your home — seriously this is so rad!




“We are all unique…

that is what needs to be photographed. The love, the laughter, the wild, the messy + all the little moments in between.”


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lifestyle newborn


lifestyle newborn







always an adventure



starting at — $500

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Questions + Answers


+ Portrait Sessions have the use of only one location, why?


Time is precious for everyone. I have found that it is quite the hassle to drive around to different locations during a shoot -- packing up, finding parking, etc.  It's just too much, especially with littles. When choosing the perfect location for a client, I make sure that there are several spots to shoot within that one location. This gives the images variety, as well as giving clients peace of mind that we will not have to spend time + patience fully relocating.


+ How many photos do you deliver in a gallery?


At minimum, you will receive 30 images in your portraits gallery.

I will definitely try to get a few of the typical “everyone smiling + looking at the camera” shots. However, most of the images in your gallery will reflect that of a lifestyle session which is focused on connection — all the tender moments, little games + movement, snuggles, and everything else that unfolds during your session. Not everyone will be looking at the camera in each image, and some images may be that of consoling a crying child. We will play, laugh, get dirty + capture some beautiful images genuine to you.


+ Do you photograph LGBTQ2SIA+ families?


HECK YES. I am here to help document your life adventures, no matter what race, religion, or how you identify as a human. Let’s make some rad pictures together!


+ What if I want to order prints or albums, do you provide this?


YES — Beautiful linen albums, prints, enlargements, art prints, and even additional digital images can all be easily ordered from your online gallery!


+ Do you travel?


Heck yes!  I love using the beautiful PNW as our backdrop, and I am happy to travel for sessions. Anything outside of a 30 miles of 98065 will have a travel fee.


+ I have no idea what to wear, can you help?


I offer an amazing complimentary online stylist to help assist with coordinating the outfits for your sessions. This is a great help in visually in putting outfits together, as well as offering options to purchase items to help fill in any gaps to complete an outfit. And if you still are not sure, lay out your outfits all together and send me a picture — I can let you know what works!


+ We absolutely hate having our pictures taken, help!


“What do I do with my hands???” — I hear this a lot. LOL! But… seriously, do not stress at all. I have a ton of prompts + little games for you guys to play that help break the ice, get everyone laughing + having a good time.


+ How do you handle children who do not want their photo taken?


I will not force posing with children, period. It tends to make the session more stressful for mamma + everyone else there, as well as makes that child more unwilling to participate. So, if anyone does not want their photo taken, I tend to carry on with the shoot + “ignore” them, which usually leads to them wanting to join in on the fun on their own!


+ What is required for booking?


Only two things. (1) A $100 non-refundable booking retainer must be paid in order to reserve your portrait session. This claims time on the calendar for your session + allows no one else to book that day. (2) The portrait contract must be completed + signed. This is super easy to do as it is all online. Once those two things are done, you are on the books baby!


+ How do we move forward and book with you?


SWEET! Hit up the “Let’s do this” button listed right below this thread + fill out all your details on the booking form. Submit that baby + I will get back to you within 24 hours with a session proposal. All you have to do is select the option you want + we can begin the booking process. It’s that simple — which is my main goal. Less stress = more smiles.



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starting at — $500